Dianne H. Timmering, MFA, MBA, CNA

Multi-dimensional healthcare executive, global strategist, collaborator, negotiator, effective board member, visionary, strong state and federal policy record, recognized author and essayist, start-up inventor, deal maker

“A systems thinker, she has the pounding quest to create, embrace risk, test knowledge, and look outside, inside the balance of logic and imagination to build, sustain, scale, transform.”

Dianne H. Timmering, MFA, MBA, CNA, American Author and Journalist, Healthcare Executive, Inventor, Builder, Entrepreneur, with sustainable ventures launched from ideation to implementation; a transformative leader, M&A contributor, national and local policy changer, spirituality “innovator,” author, columnist, board member and builder of health and Virtual Care businesses. A disruptive transformer with decades of enterprise-wide experience and executive range, she Co-founded many businesses including the Spirituality/Compassion Fund Pillar meeting the needs of thousands & served as SR VP of Healthcare Policy & Legislative Affairs for Signature HealthCARE, one of largest skilled post acute providers in U.S. with revenues of $1B+, with operations in 11 states at its peak. Bold and enduring, she is an effective leader with direct impact creating businesses and taking on projects that require strategic design, fearless resilience, achieved performance benchmarks and tactical maneuvering resulting in revenue generation, including corporate growth and expansion. Ran the 2016 NYC Marathon and in 2014, hiked in 4-days the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and in 2009, the Milford Trek in New Zealand; also co-publisher of paper in 2011 on Spirituality and Its Value-Added Impact on Care Delivery & Revenue in healthcare.

Dianne has offered her decades of enterprise-wide experience and executive range to a number of innovative companies and organizations in recent years. For PharMerica Corp., Dianne executed a multi-million dollar technological implementation called the Automated Dispensing System. She worked to execute this system by developing strategic momentum with the flexibility of pivots, identifying detractors, collaborating with the KY Board of Pharmacy and key policy decision-makers, navigating both the administrative and legislative branches, and healthcare associations to optimize results. As a Management and Strategic Business Development Partner for Premier Workforce Solutions, LLC since November 2020 advancing corporate initiatives and beating back workforce challenges in healthcare and other industry. Included: investment introductions, channel partnering, proposal and project design, financial modeling and analysis, competitive considerations and other business development deliverables. As a Healthcare expert, she served as a panelist on the May 2019 LHCC (Louisville Healthcare CEO Council) where she provided consulting services on project basis. She also served as a strategic advisor for CareTech Pitch in Louisville, KY which featured startup and mid-tier innovators who aimed to find and provide nationwide support for health caregivers She  participated as strategic advisor for the 2020 LHCC Global Healthcare Summit.

As a leader of “movements”, M&A, business development and startups, in 2018 Dianne co-launched the NBA2Lou effort to bring the NBA back to the commonwealth of Kentucky. She helped to strategically facilitate the effort to impact workforce empowerment and state-wide business appeal for returning the NBA to the city of Louisville through business case development, organization building, investor recruitment through a private placement launch (seed money raise of $750K), strategic direction planning and statewide civic and political galvanization. Additionally she currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Legends Foundation, a 501-C nonprofit organization that aims to promote health and wellness through its inclusion sports camps, speak to the incarcerated, and Ecommerce platform for those with disabilities. A systems thinker, she has the pounding quest to create, embrace risk, test knowledge, and look outside, inside the balance of logic and imagination to build, sustain, scale, transform.

Additionally, she helped build a $145 billion+ company with operational leadership, disruptive technological innovation, strategic boldness, key alliance development, and serving in an M&A strategic role. She helped to ink a national partnership with the American HealthCARE Association (AHCA) and co-led the development of the internal Political Action Committee to engage and rally the stakeholder base to influence critical policy efforts in 10 states. Dianne partnered in an academic ground-breaking workforce study on stakeholder engagement and productivity as well as other quantitative and qualitative evidence-based studies around the impact of operationalized spirituality in healthcare quality outcomes and cost savings.

Dianne provided her expertise and drive of divine hope to Signature HealthCARE for a number of years. As Chief Strategic Advisor to Signature HealthCARE, currently working with the company’s Chief Development Officer, Dianne prioritized key innovative investments to solve for workforce challenges and virtual care opportunities which include reimbursement and revenue generation. She was the Co-Founder of the Department of Spirituality and the Vice President of Legislative and Government Affairs for Signature HealthCARE, the 7th largest Skilled Nursing Facility provider in the nation based in Louisville, KY. Along with Signature CEO Joe Steier she created and led the Department of Spiritually which became one of the largest for-profit, multi-faith Departments of Spirituality in the nation. As Vice President of Legislative Affairs and Health Policy, she also led the Legislative affairs team, another real opportunity for innovative solutions, linking healthcare policy, portents of risk, regulatory impact, and legislative momentum to the local marketplace and national business strategic focus. 

Also with Signature, she developed and crafted strategic policy planning directly impacting revenue growth to include: addressing the Certificate of Need amendment for the Kentucky State Plan initiative utilized by the executive cabinet for new policy conception and direction. She strategically maneuvered urban-rural reclassification legislation (worth $6.2M) as well as the Medical Review Panel law (protection from meritless litigation) during the Kentucky 2017 General Assembly through a complicated quagmire of negotiation and compromise. Dianne helped to draft legislation for efficacy, built relationships, educated elected officials about the vulnerable patient population, discerned ebbs and flows of underlying opposition, drew the line on dilution, and pivoted at key junctures which significantly increased the odds for the win regardless how risky either strategy had become. As an on-going Innovation Advisor to Signature, she created joint venture in 2020 with national digital therapeutic company to impact both resident outcomes in mental health and financial growth in rehabilitation.

In 2006, the Signature Spirituality Pillar grew out of a grassroots movement into a nationally recognized innovation. The Pillar offers an input that is not only a service of prayer, but an intervention of healing. This unique model has proven its added value partly through a qualitative and quantitative process that includes improved outcomes via an integrated care delivery model with the Clinical and Therapy teams, as well as impacting employee recruitment and retention. Her vision is a service of hope in medicine as a core competency in the care delivery system. At one point, under her executive leadership, more than 125 full-time chaplains were serving approximately 10,000 residents and 19,000 employees. In 2013 Signature HealthCARE was named to Modern Healthcare Magazine’s annual list of “Best Places to Work In Healthcare”, an honor bestowed on only 100 organizations nationwide each year.

Dianne sees spirituality as a ‘now’ solution to assess and heal spiritual pain and sickness with minimal overhead and as a unique medical input of treatment as well as prevention. This thriving spiritual movement has been nationally recognized as an innovative paradigm shift in the long-term care delivery system and featured in publications such as Long-Term Living magazine, Business First Weekly, the Louisville Courier Journal, the Indianapolis Star, the Oregonian, Louisville Magazine, the Cincinnati Inquirer, Delaware Online, the Newark Advocate and others. Her departmental brand, “Endless Hope”, which is used as both a statement of purpose as well as a vision of wellness, promotes spirituality as a value-added core competency to the overall care delivery process.

Expanding upon “Endless Hope”, many saw the need for assistance in faith beyond the element of prayer. Therefore, she and others co-created and launched in 2009 the philanthropic Compassion Fund in order to better serve stakeholders and community members when unfortunate crisis strikes. In 2010 she published her first White Paper entitled “Spirituality and Its Value-added Impact” in LTC Review, Vol. 1 #4 wherein she discusses the efficacy and value-added aspects of spiritual interventions. Also in 2010 she co-created and designed a companywide program on Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence, a curriculum encouraging creative pursuits, individual purpose and discernment. She also pioneered the Interfaith Lunch and Learn Series, an initiative that fosters spiritual awareness, enhanced understanding, friendship and a collaborative work environment by creating a bridge of respect, drawing people nearer to one another, breaking down barriers, eradicating misperceptions, and fostering an environment where there is no fear of our differences.

Dianne has presented the Signature model at the Tyson Center for Faith and Spirituality in the Workplace, the University of Kentucky Summer Series on Aging and along with Signature CEO Joe Steier at the 2012 Louisville Festival of Faiths. She appeared on the cover of Louisville Magazine in December 2010 when Signature was selected as a best place to work in Louisville, KY. She also appeared with Joe Steier in September 2011 to discuss with 200 Human Resource executives the topic of “God in the Workplace”. Her blog article about her participation in the 2013 CXO Leadership summit was retweeted by Conference organizers to over 300 healthcare leaders. Dianne is an Ambassador for the Health Enterprises Network based in Louisville, KY. As Special Assistant and Advisor to the Board and Office of the President as the leader for crisis communication, brand equity, policy-based and other strategic initiatives. Key contributor to business strategy, economic and corporate development, and M&A in advisory board roles

Previously, Dianne traveled the world as an Advance Representative for President George Herbert Walker Bush, serving as an international liaison while promoting U.S. messaging and policy abroad. She was the editor of the 1989 Inaugural Guidebook for President George H. W. Bush. She also served as a strategic scheduler for Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole during his first presidential bid. As a consultant and sole proprietor for over twenty years, she has worked with numerous clients as a fundraising and strategic planning consultant, raising millions of dollars for a variety of political, national, and not-for-profit clients. Her entrepreneurial experience includes serving as President of a local restaurant franchise in Louisville, KY.

Dianne is a graduate of Vanderbilt University (cum laude, Nashville, TN) with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Business, and has a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Fiction from Spalding University in Louisville, KY. She received her Executive MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. She has also been involved with Junior Achievement and is a former Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteer. She currently serves on the Boards for Restorative Justice Louisville and the Compassion Fund and is involved in the Compassionate Cities Louisville Campaign. She has also achieved her license as a Clinical Nursing Assistant (CNA).

In 2009, she co-authored with E. Joseph Steier (President & CEO, Signature HealthCARE) her first work of non-fiction entitled My God! Our God?

Dianne can be reached via her website http://www.diannetimmering.com, by email at dhtimmering@gmail.com or by phone at (561) 301-7401.

A list of clients Dianne has worked with includes:

  • PayActiv (San Jose, CA)
  • BehaVR (Elizabethtown, KY)
  • VituSense (Peoria, IL)
  • Relig (New York, NY)
  • CBDA (Washington, D.C.)
  • Independa (Independence, KY)
  • IUGO (Toronto, Ontario, CA)
  • New Source Medical (Louisville, KY)
  • Monster.com/ Making It Count (Cincinnati, OH)
  • The Economi Strategy Institute (Washington, DC)
  • The Coalition for Service Industries (Washington, DC)
  • The American Tort Reform Association (Washington, DC)
  • Smith Fairfield (Alexandria, VA)
  • 1998 US Conference of Mayors (Reno, NV)
  • Republican Party of Kentucky (Frankfort, KY)
  • National Policy Forum (Washington, DC)
  • American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) (Washington, DC)
  • Campaign America (Scottsdale, AZ)
  • Creative Alliance (Louisville, KY)
  • Waste Management of Greater Washington (Temple Hills, MD)
  • Bradley University’s Salute to Bob Michel (Washington, DC)
  • The Friends of the National Arboretum, Pangburn & Associates (Washington, DC)
  • Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Pangburn & Associates(Washington, DC)
  • Republican Governors Association, Pangburn & Associates (Washington, DC)
  • National Association of Police Organizations, Saluting America’s Top Cops (Washington, DC)
  • The US-ASEAN Council (Washington, DC)
  • National Republican Congressional Committee/ National Republican Senatorial Committee (Washington, DC)
  • Bush Quayle 1988/ 1992 (Washington, DC)
  • Tech-Knowledge International, Defense Conversion Hearings (Long Beach, CA)
  • The Artemis Project (Washington, DC)
  • Alta International (Washington, DC)
  • Public Affairs Group/ the Center for the Study of the Presidency (Washington, DC)
  • Renew America (a non-profit environmental group) (Washington, DC)

Dianne’s Appearances and Speaking Engagements include:

  • In March 2018, served as an innovation panelist on the essence of spirituality in healthcare outcomes at the 15th Annual Boomer Business Summit in San Francisco.
  • In March 2017, she was an invited panelist for the Boomer Summit 2017 in Chicago, Seizing the Opportunity of the Longevity Market.
  • In October 2016, she was a breakout session speaker on The Intersection of Innovation and Aging at the Aging2.0 OPTIMIZE Conference in San Francisco. 
  • In October 2015, she was a keynote panelist at the Louisville Innovation Summit with Dr. James Dody of Stanford University on Compassion as an innovative metric in the core of healthcare. In June 2016, she was one of the featured speakers at the 24th Annual Conference on Ministry with the Aging in Fort Wayne, IN. 
  • She co-headlined with Steier in September 2011 speaking to 200 Human Resource executives discussing “Spirituality in the Workplace” and its value-add in recruitment and retention.
  • In May 2014 they co-presented at the General Assembly of the Kentucky Hospital Association convention about market-based intelligence and the future of the healthcare industry.
  • Other presentations or appearances include iHUB Nucleus: The Startup Seminar Series, a featured speaker at numerous internal Learning Congress’ including a virtual presentation on Courageous Leadership and Staying the Course with a Bold Strategy in order to impact healthcare change, and the Pillars of Hope ministry conference in Indiana, supporting seniors in their season of change.
  • Designed and keynoted in 2010 thru 2018 what came to be the nationally known Signature National Day of Prayer annual event at the Signature home office: A movement in Defiance of Suffering.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • With the Spirituality Pillar being a major factor, in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, Signature HealthCARE was named to Modern Healthcare Magazine’s annual list of “Best Places to Work in Healthcare”, an honor bestowed on only 100 organizations nationwide each year. 
  • She herself appeared on the cover of Louisville Magazine in December 2010 when Signature was selected as a best place to work in Louisville, KY.
  • Signature HealthCARE’s thriving spiritual movement has been nationally recognized as an innovative paradigm shift in the long-term care delivery system and featured in publications such as Long-Term Living magazine, Business First Weekly, the Louisville Courier Journal, the Indianapolis Star, the Oregonian, Louisville Magazine, the Cincinnati Inquirer, Delaware Online, the Newark Advocate and others. 
  • With almost 200 writings, editorials and blogs, her blog article, for example was featured in the 2013 CXO Leadership summit and retweeted by Conference organizers to over 300 healthcare leaders. She has been featured or authored articles for Louisville Business First Magazine, Medical News Magazine, MedCityNews, McKnight’s Long Term Care News, Tops Magazine Louisville, Business First on-line and print, and other publications. 
  • The qualitative case studies performed by her Chaplain Corps led to the Spirituality Pillar receiving its first McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Award in 2015 for its S-tracker system, an interface between the specificity of spirituality with clinical interaction to mitigate risk, decrease human suffering and impact clinical outcomes.  
  • 2018 Mentoring Monday top 40 female influencer designated by Business First, and submission attempt for Modern Healthcare’s 25 Most Influential Healthcare Leaders.

Championing Women Executives:

  • Dianne has long been committed to the cause of promoting female executives in the workplace. 
  • In 2013 she became an ambassador for the RockHealth Women’s Summit (then known as the XX In Health retreat) promoting women executives in the healthcare industry. 
  • In November 2103 she co-hosted a local Louisville Inspiration Dinner event for over 30 local women executives which was covered by the Voice Tribune. 
  • In February 2014 was profiled by Today’s Woman magazine.
  • In June 2014, she designed and chaired a panel series entitled “Outliers” further showcasing women executives in the healthcare field. 
  • She was a mentor for the 2016 Bizwomen Mentoring Monday event sponsored by Business First Louisville magazine. 
  • In March 2017, she is one of the nominees for the honorary committee for the Wine Women and Shoe’s event which raises money annually to benefit the Family Scholar House, a non-profit organization which helps provide housing and educational assistance for single mothers across the United States.

Additional Publications/Books:

  • She and Joe Steier are currently working on their second non-fiction work based upon their two year research project on analyzed miracle patterns in the Old and New Testament of the bible. Entitled The Miracle Code, they plan to publish in 2019. 
  • She plans on publishing Guardian Moon, her first work of fiction, this year.
  • A contributing writer and guest columnist to TOPs Magazine, Louisville, KY and Business First.

Community Roles and other:

  • Co-Founder and Board Member, Signature’s The Compassion Fund, a first responder in a crisis situation for Signature Healthcare’s 20,000 employees and those in the community it serves
  • Board Member, Silks in the Bluegrass dedicated to foster care for children of incarcerated mothers
  • Board Member, Bring the NBA2Louisville 2017
  • Advisory Member and secured $500K for the Thrive Center, regionally based in Louisville, KY, a public-private partnership promoting innovative Healthcare solutions worldwide
  • Completed the New York City Marathon, November 2016
  • 2015 Transition Team member for incoming new Governor, Matt Bevin, KY
  • Ambassador for the Health Enterprises Network based, a Kentucky network group
  • Member of CPAC, a national political group of the American Healthcare Association (AHCA)
  • Advisory Board Member, Silver Angels
  • Advisory Board Member, Teladoc, a new telehealth service with over 5,000 customers
  • Early participant involved in the Compassionate Cities Louisville Campaign
  • Board Member, Restorative Justice Louisville (2012-2014)
  • Board Member, Interfaith Paths to Peace through 2016
  • Presenter at Interfaith Paths to Peace’s “My Recipe for Peace” event in 2012
  • Valedictorian of Signature HealthCARE CEO School in 2009, West Palm Beach, FL
  • Instrumental participant in Signature HealthCARE’s sponsorship of the Kentucky Performing Arts and Fund for the Arts, 2016
  • Co-editor of eZine – Revolutionary Times