You Can, You Will

Dianne H. Timmering, MFA, MBA, CNA, American Author and Journalist, Healthcare Executive, Inventor, Builder, Entrepreneur, with sustainable ventures launched from ideation to implementation; a transformative leader, M&A contributor, national and local policy changer, spirituality “innovator,” author, columnist, board member and builder of health and Virtual Care businesses. A disruptive transformer with decades of enterprise-wide experience and executive range, she Co-founded many businesses including the Spirituality/Compassion Fund Pillar meeting the needs of thousands & served as SR VP of Healthcare Policy & Legislative Affairs for Signature HealthCARE, one of largest skilled post acute providers in U.S. with revenues of $1B+, with operations in 11 states at its peak. Bold and enduring, she is an effective leader with direct impact creating businesses and taking on projects that require strategic design, fearless resilience, achieved performance benchmarks and tactical maneuvering resulting in revenue generation, including corporate growth and expansion. Ran the 2016 NYC Marathon and in 2014, hiked in 4-days the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and in 2009, the Milford Trek in New Zealand; also co-publisher of paper in 2011 on Spirituality and Its Value-Added Impact on Care Delivery & Revenue in healthcare.